Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Lazy Man Bibimbap

Defined as mixed meal, this pretty Korean dish has quickly become one of my favorites. This recipe is my first attempt to make bibimbap with ingredients I normally buy for my weekly grocery shopping. The next round of trials will include making my own sauce*, beef, adding cucumbers to the mix and eating with chopsticks!.

cherry tomatoes, halved
sauteed onions with scallions
thick shredded carrots
sauteed shitake mushrooms
sauteed zucchini slivers with sesame oil, garlic powder and sesame seeds*
90 second brown rice
Fried sunny side up egg, well done

*A few sauce recipes to try:

**Step by step directions taken from the blog beyond kimchee:
Cut zucchinis into 2" logs and peel the green part of the skin carefully from the side. Discard the white part. 
Saute them in oil, add salt, garlic, sesame oil, and sesame seeds until they get softened yet still green.
Slice them into about 1/4" sticks. If you are not comfortable peeling off the skin, just slice the whole zucchini into whatever size you like.

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