Ultimate Baby Resitry

I am the luckiest girl in the world, who has a super mom friend named Pam. She is a wonderful researcher and put together this ultimate baby registry list for me before our baby Maya arrived. This registry has been an ongoing tool for my husband and I to reference and we were happy to pass it along to all of our other expecting friends.

I highly recommend you print this out, and as you get either add stuff to your registry or purchase it yourself, cross it out. Items I consider to be absolutely critical are marked in RED.


The sections are listed below. Click the links below to jump directly to the desired section.
I. Baby wardrobe
II. Carriers (wraps & slings)
IV. Bedding
V. Mattress and changing pad
VI. Bath
VII. Breastfeeding (pumping), bottles, must have accessories
VIII. High chair, bibs and burp cloths
IX. Diaper bag
X. Diapers and wipes
XI. Blankets
XII. Swings, playmats, rockers, jumpers and seats
XIII. Stroller
XIV. Car seat
XV. Extras to keep at home
XVI. Grandma and Grandpa's house
XVII. Pack n' Play
XVIII. Hospital bag list
XIX. Postpartum care

I.            BABY WARDROBE
What should my baby be wearing? The answer is quite easy… whatever is the easiest to put on and take off and deal with at 3 am. Newborns don’t need fancy clothes and shouldn’t be wearing crazy things unless you have a nanny or baby nurse who will be changing them for you! Obviously all babies need some cute outfits but you will get these as gifts. For your registry, I would put on the following (or if a relative or the two of you want to buy these necessities):
1.    White Undershirts/Body Suits - All undershirts/bodysuits come in packs and usually have 5 or 6 in each pack. I would get short sleeves. You don’t have to do this but some undershirts button on the side in order to make it easy to care for the umbilical cord so you can get those or the regular ones that button on the bottom by the crotch. I would get 1 pack of newborn undershirts and 2 packages of 3 month size undershirts. Basically newborn clothing is usually up to 8 pounds. So unless you have a huge baby your baby will need some newborn size stuff, but may not be in it for long. Once the baby is born have a friend or your mom go out and buy another newborn pack if the baby is closer to 6 or 7 pounds. Plus, the more you have the less wash there may be ;)

   Footies/one pieces - This is going to be the staple outfit for your newborn baby because they are basically worn day and night. They're actually called sleep n plays! They are one piece, either button at the bottom or zip all the way down so you don’t have to fully undress the baby to take off the diaper. You can get any brand you want: gerber, carters, gap, rosie pope, etc. Note about sizing: Carters and the Gerber brand run truest to size. Gap runs big. Rosie Pope is also accurate. My favorite is Carters for the $ and I love Rosie Pope but it’s more expensive. I would say get 6 to 8 newborn footies and 10 - 3 month footies. Don’t wash all of the newborn ones because the baby may not be in that size for too long. This may seem like a lot but remember they’re going probably go through a few outfits a day at first and change at least once for bedtime. It never hurts to get more. You can always get some and return them.
3.    Socks & Hats - If your baby is mainly wearing footies than you don’t need that many socks to start out with. I would get 1 package of newborn socks and 1 package of 3 month socks. Normally there are 6 socks per package. As far as hats go, not only do you want a winter hat, but a few cotton hats as well (2 are plenty). But as an FYI, a lot of footies come with a hat to match.
4.    Gowns - Optional! Basically these are footies without the leg parts and just a large opening at the bottom. This makes diaper changing at night very easy. Pam says you should get 2. Usually you can get 1 pack that have two in it. See if you like them before you get more, some people do and some don’t (like me don't.. they're weird and unnecessary unless you have a baby boy with a bris).
5.    Mittens - If you’re breastfeeding your baby isn’t really going to wear these that much because their hands tell you a lot (basically, clenched fist = hungry, and then their fist will slowly open and unclench as they eat). Register for 2 pairs of mittens. Why do babies need these? Babies without mittens scratch themselves a lot. And their nails grow really fast...

6.    Pants - Get 1 two pack of newborn pants and then 3 packs of 3-month pants.
7.    Bodysuits - These are also cute and can be paired with pants. Sometimes they come in packs and sometimes they are separate. Get 3 to 5 newborn ones and then 6 to 8 3-month size ones.
8.    Outerwear- If they’re in their cars eat they can’t wear anything bulky under the straps. There are lots of cute fuzzy onesies out there, often with cute animal ears.

II.                  CARRIERS (WRAPS & SLINGS)
Baby Carriers are great! Mom and Dad will definitely be using these if you are very active and they come in handy. Plus it’s a nice way to cuddle the baby :) Different carriers can be used at different times and for different purposes. There are also wraps and slings, which I’ll cover here as well.

1.    Ergo- this is probably one of the most popular baby carriers. Pam has the organic original collection. Their new one is the 360 model and both (organic original and 360) are great. The nice thing with the Ergo carriers is that they come with an infant insert, which helps keep the baby secure. Also, they have a new one with a mesh exterior for the warmer months. The only downside to the Ergo is that they’re thick and can get very warm, but otherwise it’s great.

2.    Beco- Great brand. It’s lighter than the Ergo. You’re going to want to see if you can try them on and see what fits you better. I have this in black and recommend getting any color other than black! The black seems to attract lint, and as a new parents the last thing you want to do is constantly pull out the lint roller, right?!

   Baby Bjorn- This is the other very popular carrier. The only issue with this carrier is that one of the positions has the baby facing outward. Some experts say front carry position is not good for a baby’s development; it messes up their hips. So if you like this carrier, just don’t put the baby facing outward. Their legs should be in a front like position.

4.    Baby K’tan- For newborns, this is a great wrap. It’s not a standard carrier meaning you have to actually tie and wrap it yourself, but because of that you can adjust it to the size of the baby. I only personally like this for newborns and personally have it. *Wraps are cheaper than actual carriers. Also, they’re great for trying to soothe a baby. Skin to skin contact helps.

SO HERE IS THE DEAL WITH NEWBORN BABIES: NEWBORNS DO NOT LIKE THEIR CRIBS. NO MATTER HOW HARD YOU TRY THEY WILL NOT SLEEP IN THEM FOR THE FIRST FEW WEEKS. THIS DOESN’T MEAN THEY HAVE TO BE IN YOUR BED, BUT HAVING THEM IN THE ROOM IS VERY CONVENIENT AND EASIER. THIS IS WHERE CO-SLEEPERS COME IN, they are basically bassinets that either attach to the bed or are right next to it making feeding and holding the baby very easy! (This is also just my opinion so feel free to do what you’re comfortable with!)

These are the two major brands that I recommend:
1.    Arms Reach Co-Sleeper - This is the one we have and I love it. It doesn’t move or do anything fancy, which is actually good.
2.    Halo Bassinet - This one is more expensive. If you have a C-Section, this one is better. It moves and is up higher so you won’t have to bend and you may just want this one anyway. It also moves and plays music and does it all.

Baby furniture is really a personal preference, and the two of you will decide what you want out of furniture in terms of cost, where it’s made, quality, more for your money, etc. You can look anywhere from ikea to Giggle to Babies R US.

If money wasn’t an issue we would have gotten the super nice and super $$$ furniture that was made by the amish haha. I’ll give you a list of brands and you can do your research and decide for yourselves. The brand we chose was Munire. We decided on this brand because of its quality and price. The “Baby Bargains Book” is awesome and basically goes through and rates every product you could think of.

Here are some brands and personal opinions based on talking to other moms and my own research:
1.    Pottery Barn: For the money, the quality just isn’t there, BUT that being said I know people that have the furniture and love it. It was our 2nd choice because I loves the style :)
2.    Ouef: Probably the most eco-friendly but $$$. I love the modern look and the quality is great! Found at Giggle.
3.    Land of Nod: Great quality and company in general, and you can also get some furniture not at an insane price. Eco-friendly products. So what’s the catch? Well, they only have stores in Cali so you can’t go and see the furniture in person. My friend ordered their furniture and is very happy with it.
4.    Bloom: Similar to Ouef but not as high quality. Modern design and they have mini cribs which can be good for small spaces.
5.    Pali: has been around since we were little. Still has a good reputation.
6.    Baby Cache: One of the brands at Babies R US- we also liked this brand
7.    Babyletto: Not sure how great the quality is, but nice modern look.
*When I was doing my research, Graco & Sorelle Cribs had bad ratings
*These suggestions are for crib and dresser
*Babies R US and Buy, Buy, Baby both have other brands at their stores and you can look into those as well

1.    Get a hamper for the baby’s room.

2.    Also, many moms agree that a must have is a rocking chair of some kind especially if nursing. I personally did not have one and relied on many pillows, including a Boppy nursing pillow (or alternative to Boppy, Breast Friend Pillow).

3.    Diaper pail (we use the Diaper Genie), refill bags and carbon filter refills (against smell).

IV.                  BEDDING

Bedding is another completely a personal preference. Below are some brands we like and also helping you determine the quantity of items needed.

For starters, a baby’s bed should only be a sheet on a mattress. There should NOT be pillows, no bumper, no loose sheets, etc. because the baby can suffocate). We have a quilt and pillow for show but take it out when baby sleeps.
1.    Pottery Barn - This is where Pam's bedding is from. They make organic bedding and non-organic. Max’s sheets happened to be organic. Pam liked their style and pricing.
2.    Land of Nod - Very cute for baby girls. They also have cute stuff for the boys, but I love that it’s made in Cali and has organic and natural options.
3.    Dwell Studio - modern bedding and very cool.
4.    Giggle - organic and super cute bedding

5.    Aden + Anais - simple and breathable sheets which are awesome!
How many sheets should I get?
For the crib, get 3 sheets. For the co-sleeper, get 2 or 3 sheets. Make sure sheets fit your mattress well.
If we want a bumper, how many should we get?
Some people still use bumpers on their crib and you only need 1.
How often should I change the bedding?
If the baby doesn’t spit up or poop on it, I would say you should change the sheets once a week.


A.      Mattress
If you’re going to spend a lot of money on anything for your baby, it should be the mattress. Their skulls aren’t fully formed and they need a good, strong mattress. Even if it means buying cheaper furniture, a well-made mattress is worth it.
1.    Naturepedic - This brand got great reviews in the Baby Bargains book and it’s made with all natural fibers and no harsh chemicals. It does contain some plastic edging but that’s it. We got the Lightweight Regency 2-stage one, which can be used in toddler beds.
2.    Pebble Mattress - $$$ but got great reviews. Can be found at Giggle.
3.    Bloom Alma - They make an organic mattress. I think these tend to be cheaper. I don’t know.
4.    The Giggle Brand - The store has their own organic model. I would try and find reviews for it.
5.    Little Dreamer - Isn’t made with chemicals and is made in the U.S. Has gotten high reviews.
6.    Sealy Soybean Foam-Core - This one has high reviews as well. I’m not as familiar with this brand
*Also, you MUST get a waterproof mattress pad cover- try to go organic as well (TLC BRAND OR NATUREPEDIC have them).
B.      Changing Pad
This is for the changing table. With 10 to 12 diaper changes a day at first, your baby will end up spending lots of time up here :)
1.    Naturepedic - This is expensive, but we bought it and I have to say that it’s awesome because you can wipe it clean and the material basically keeps it from getting dirty.
2.    Colgate - popular brand and costs less than the naturepedic.
3.    Summer Infant - good brand.

*You need to get changing pad covers as well. I recommend 3 if you have a girl and 6 if you have a boy (seriously, because boys pee everywhere!). I love the aden and anais brand ones but choose whatever you like!

VI.                BATH

A.      Bath Tubs
1.    4moms infant tub- This is the one that Pam has and she loves it. It tells you the temp of the water and filters out dirty water. The only downside, and other tubs may be like this as well, is that when Max (Pam's #1 little one) was first born she felt like it was a big tub and it didn’t have any kind of insert to keep him more steady but it was fine and it’s a great product. When we had our little Maya, we were still living in an apartment and found that we wanted to get smaller items so we opted to get a different tub.

2.    Safety first custom care tub- This is new on the market but grows with the baby from the newborn stage to toddler years. It doesn’t have any fancy features but may be worth looking into.
3.    Summer Infant Bath Sling with warming wings- This is also new to the market and has gotten really good reviews. It has a sling for the baby and keeps the baby nice and warm inside the tub.

4.    Baby’s Journey Comfort Plus tub- also new to the market but is totally reclined if you want it to be which is great for newborns.

5.    Fisher Price Aquarium Bath Tub Center-This one has been around for awhile and people seem to really like it. This was going to be the one we probably would’ve gotten if we didn’t get the other one from the registry.
B.      Towels & Washcloths
I recommend 3 towels and 8-10 washcloths (they usually come in packs). In the very beginning you won’t need that many towels as you will not need to give your baby a bath that often. Washcloths on the other hand can be used for other things besides bathing and you'll find that it is always good to have them on hand.

I would register for a robe, which will be nice for the baby to wear and lounge around in after they pooped through their clothes. You certainly don’t need one right away though.

For towels, washcloths, and the rob, I love the aden and anais brand; it’s the softest. We also have the TL Care Organic brand, but there are a ton out there and get what you like.
C.      Bath Accessories
Miscellaneous bath accessories you would benefit registering for include:
Elephant Spout Cover
  • a bath mat for kneeling, 
  • rinse cups
  • basket for bath toys, (I like the one by KidCo because it's width adjustable and unlike suction cups will not fall down)
  • a few bath toys
  • spout cover, (you can get the cute elephant spout cover we have, or a sophisticated one that tells you the temperature of the water)
  • and you'll need shampoo/body wash (this is covered in the section XX titled extras)

A.      Breastfeeding (& pumping)
1. Pump: IMPORTANT: Insurance companies will 100% cover a breast pump. Call them and see which ones they cover. I used the Medela and loved it. Also, if you’re breastfeeding, it is recommended that you wait 4-6 weeks to introduce a bottle or pacifier (tell the nurses this at the hospital, or else they will feed the baby w/a pacifier, etc.) it can mess with your supply otherwise. I would also get a breastfeeding pillow (I recommend the “breast friend” pillow over the Boppy).

2. Regardless of whether you're breastfeeding and/or pumping, you will want to get a nursing cover. I really like the apron style covers, while others like scarf types of covers.

3. Nursing pads - you're going to want to stay clean with nursing pads. You can get disposable ones (my choice), or reusable ones.

4. Lansinoh Breastfeeding Salve - you're going to want to use this after every feeding/pump session in the beginning to minimize discomfort. Get a few and keep them in your various purses or nursing stations.

5. If you're pumping, invest in a handsfree bra!
B.      Bottles
For breastfeeding moms, this topic can be tricky. Some babies don’t like the bottle. The key is to not wait too long to introduce it. Also, some babies will have bottle preferences, so you might benefit from listing 1 or 2 of the brands listen in your registry for your baby to try. With Maya, we never gave her anything other than the Madela ones. For Max, he has no preference as long as it has food in it!

1.    Medela - if you use this pump, it will probably come with bottles that hook up to the pump. You want the baby to take this because it makes your life easier. If he doesn’t there are other brands
2.    Dr. Brown’s - These help with gas (and newborns have a lot of uncomfortable gas!). Pam used these for Max and likes them a lot. You can choose whether you prefer Dr Brown's glass bottles or plastic bottles.
3.     Avent - Alot of my friends used this one as well. They are shaped like a boob so some babies like it.
4.    Como Tomo-If your baby isn’t like any of the other bottle try this one. It’s more expensive but shaped like a breast.
5.    Tommee Tippee - I also have friends that used these because of the breast shape.
*You want the slowest flow nipple, or else they may gag because it comes out too fast. Babies won’t take a medium flow until at least 4 months of age.

C.      Must have accessories
You're going to be doing a lot of dishes once you have a baby. A heart-breaking amount of dishes. Sorry... So let's make your life easier and make sure you register for the necessary equipment.

1.    You will need a drying rack for pacifiers and bottles. We have the Boon Lawn one (in white!) which I love and the Stem Grass attachment which you can hang the pacifiers and bottle nipples on to dry. The Oxo brand also makes a good drying rack.

2.    Bottle brush - we have the OXO one that matches both the Boon Lawn and OXO drying racks.

3.    A dishwater net or container to put all the little baby containers in without them getting lost in the dishwasher because of their small size.

*Your breast-pump will most likely come with a bottle cooler and ice pack so you'll be covered with that.

D.      Pacifiers
Babies either love a pacifier or refuse to take it and you will have no control over this. I would say try a few times, not just once. To start off, include 1 or 2 packs on your the registry and see how the baby does. Babies can be particular. Max will took all pacifiers, while Maya only liked certain ones. Maya also took a few months before she really found comfort from her pacifier. Pacifiers also go by age so make sure you include on your registry the 0-3 month ones. They all expire after 4 weeks usually.
1.    Avent - These are the ones that all babies take and it’s the ones they use in the hospital. The picture here is for a newborn pacifier. Once Maya moved on to the next phase of pacifiers, this brand became her favorite.

Other good brands include MAM, Born Free and Chicco. For all natural ones, you can buy Natursutten!


Babies don’t start eating solids until 4-6 months of age so you don’t need a high chair until then. Also, it will depend on the size of your home and kitchen table in terms of which one you will want to get. You want to make sure whatever you get is easy to clean. Here are just some recommendations:
1.    Ikea - A lot of moms I know that live in apartments have this one as it is small. It is also a quick assembly and is very easy to clean.
2.    Fisher Price Space Saver Chair - This is great if you have more than 2 chairs in your kitchen/dinning area. It sits directly on top of your existing chair, is portable and light. Also, it’s easy to clean.
3.    Graco - We are very happy with this one! The Graco is one of the bigger chairs and is probably the most popular one out right now. It’s on wheels and can move anywhere. Maya sits and eats with me in the kitchen, dining room, sometimes even living room or my closet as I'm getting ready in the morning.
4.    Ingenuity 3-in-1 - Reasonably priced and you can turn it into a mobile chair or stationary one. It’s definitely worth checking out.
*You should see these chairs in person to get an idea of size. Depending on your needs and desires, you can spend anywhere from $20 (IKEA) to $700!
*Bibs/Burp Cloths - You will need these before the baby starts eating solids. I would register for 1-2 3 packs of bibs and 1-2 packs of burp cloths. I love the aden and anais brand for these and the green sprouts brand.

IX.                  DIAPER BAG
This is a serious topic for some moms... There are tons of designer diaper bags, for example Pam's was a designer Marc Jacobs diaper bag she received as a gift. She loves it and says it holds everything perfectly. I on the other hand settled for my husbands choice of Diaper Dude. I don't know... to me diaper bags are for storing in the car or stroller on your way somewhere and don't need to be fancy.

If you want to get a diaper bag that's somewhere in between designer, and basic dude, check out these brands:

(1) Petunia Pickle Bottom; (2) Ju-Ju Be; (3) Skip Hop

What to keep in the bag?
  • 1-2 extra onesies
  • wet bag
  • 4 spare diapers
  • wipes
  • 1 swaddle blanket
  • 1 bib
  • 1-2 extra pacifiers w/holder
  • hand sanitizer
  • 1 rattle
  • butt cream
  • spare hat
  • diaper garbage bags - I personally like the Arm & Hammer bags, they do a great  job masking yucky smells.
  • *bottle/can of formula if needed
X.                DIAPERS AND WIPES
These of course will be something that your baby will use for a long time. Some people that want to save money will use cloth diapers that you can wash. We use disposable ones (leaving our washing machine is kept clean from baby poop and other things). In general diapers are diapers. Yet, babies are all shaped differently so you may need to try a few brands in order to find the ones that fit best. You will need newborn size only for awhile. They won’t be going into a size 1 until later on unless you have a huge baby. Basically get as many diapers as possible because you will be changing a newborn 10-12 times a day.
A.      Diapers
1.    Pampers Newborn Swaddlers - The staple brand that has been around forever. Pampers newborn diapers have a strip that turns blue if the baby pees and poops. Why would you need this? Well, if the baby is breastfeeding they will constantly be pooping so you don’t need it for that BUT baby pee is so light you may not be able to tell if they actually peed. The way to tell if the baby is eating enough is by their dirty diapers. So, this outer color strip comes in handy. At night use their 12 hour diapers.

2.    Honest Company - This is the brand that we use for the daytime. Besides its cute patterns, it doesn’t have any chlorine or chemicals in them that other brands have. They have bundle packages and deals, which I love.
*Huggies and Luvs are the other popular brands. I have friends that use these too because of the fit. I like the pampers and honest company better - again, it’s a personal preference. Seventh Generation and Earth’s Best are others brands that are chlorine free and chemical free.
B.      Wipes
We’ve tried all different wipe brands and by far my favorite is the Honest Company. Setting aside the all-natural stuff, they are the only wipes that don’t leave a slimy residue. Other brands to try: Earth’s Best, Pampers Sensitive, and Seventh Generation.
*You will also want to register for a diaper pail (we use the Diaper Genie "DG" and recommend you also list refill bags and carbon filter refills against smell for the DG).

XI.          BLANKETS

You would think that Baby Blankets is an easy topic. There are soon many different types, and I’m here to make sure you get the ones you need :) Because babies can’t have loose blankets in their cribs and you want to make sure they can’t cover their faces during naps and other things, there are all of these different types of blankets you will need.
A.   Swaddle Blankets - These are going to be used for a very long time. In the picture above, Max is in a swaddle blanket. They are just blankets that you can basically wrap around the baby, use as a blanket if they’re on you, use as a spit up rag, etc. You can also use them to lay the baby down on so they come in handy. You’re going to want 2 to 3-4 packs of the Aden and Anais Brand. Why this brand? They are made from Muslin cotton which is very light and breathable like you can see holes in them which is great for regulating temp and if the baby covers their face with it they can still breathe. They have a million patterns to choose from. Don’t get the Bamboo ones, just get either the regular Muslin or Organic Muslin.
B.   Stroller Blanket - While you can use the swaddle blankets to cover the car seat or stroller from sun and other things, the swaddle blankets are light so they will blow in the wind easily. I got Max an Aden and Anaid stroller blanket and love it. It’s also airy and super soft, which I love. All you need is 1 of these.
C.   Wearable Swaddles or Swaddle Wraps - So when it comes to sleeping, babies cannot have any loose blankets in the crib. You have to swaddle them up. Now some parents will say my baby hates to be swaddled. Babies may not like it at first but it keeps them from waking themselves up because babies flail ALOT in their sleep. Plus, they were all cozy in the womb and like the feeling of being restricted (I know it sounds weird but it’s true-all of my friends’ kids who weren’t swaddled didn’t sleep as well as babies who were). Why can’t I just use the swaddle blankets to wrap up my baby? Well you can, BUT in order to do that it takes practice and a lot of work to make sure it’s snug enough and it’s a pain in the ass. So that’s where Velcro and snaps come in lol. These wearable swaddles come in packs based on size and age so just keep that in mind. I would say register for 3-4 of these for the first stage and then maybe 2 for the next stage up, and you can build from there. There are different brands, which I found were good at different stages:
1.    Ergobaby - They come in packs of 2 and I loved these when baby was first born. It kept them secure and snug. Great products and brand.
2.    Aden and Anais - As you can tell I love this brand for many things and I happen to like their swaddle wraps, which have snaps, but I didn’t like them for the first few weeks. After maybe he was 1 month old once baby filled out a bit I liked them more in terms of fit. They’re soft and breathable.
3.    Summer Infant - This brand is great for when baby is small and young. They use Velcro and are adjustable. Max grew out of them pretty quickly but if you use them from the beginning you’ll get some use out of them. They are also nice price wise.
4.    Halo 2-1 sleep sack - This is probably the most practical and the one you’ll get the most use out of. It basically transforms from a swaddle for babies to sleep sacks, which your baby will wear starting from around 4 months on. They’re adjustable as well and are great.
D.      Sleep Sacks
You won’t really need these until the baby is out of the swaddles. I would get the Halo brand or Aden and Anais brand for these. I would put 2 on the registry in the smallest size they come in. You can decide what you like better and then get more from there. This is something you won’t need right away and if you already bought the Halo Swaddle Wraps you can use those as sleep sacks as well.
E.       Security Blankets
These are tiny blankets that can help babies go to sleep or just to snuggle with. I would register for 1-2 pack of the Aden and Anais Brand. They are called Aden and Anais Classic Issie Security Blankets or that company. You won’t need these right away. Pam started giving them to Max at 3 months and he would nap with them. They are breathable and safe.
F.       Dream Blanket
I would register for 1 or 2 of these. They are made by Aden and Anais. They are the heaviest type of blanket they make and they’re very soft. This blanket is great when the baby is in the car seat in the winter (since you can’t put babies in heavy coats for safety reasons you need to make sure they’re warm in other ways). It’s also a great blanket to bring outside or just to hang out on. Sometimes you don’t want the baby laying on a couch for example, especially if there are a lot of people over, so you can just throw it on the couch and put baby on top. We have 2, but 1 is plenty.

A.      Swings
Swings are one of the items you will want as soon you come home from the hospital. Why? Babies have been rocked in their mommy’s bellies for 9 months and will continue to want to be rocked for the 1st 3 months and beyond. It’s comforting and soothing for them.
1.    Mamaroo- Let me start off with $$$ one and talk about this for a minute. We have one. We “test drove it” because of the expense and got it as a gift. Is it that amazing, no. Does it do it’s job, for us yes. Babies either love this thing or hate it. Max liked the mobile on top and that it moved. I have friends whose kids hated it. I wouldn’t buy it for yourself, but if someone gets it for you it’s pretty cool :)
2.    Fisher-Price My Little Snugapuppy Swing - I think as far as swings go this is probably your best bet. I know a lot of people who have had this one and liked it and it’s half the price of the mamaroo. The thing with a swing is try to find the one that can recline the most. IF YOU GET NOTHING ELSE, GET THIS. YOUR BABY WILL SPEND HALF THE DAY IN IT PLAYING AND SLEEPING. IT IS SUPER PORTABLE AND EASY TO LIFT AND MOVE FROM ROOM TO ROOM (INTO THE BATHROOM WHEN YOU GO SHOWER, ETC.). THIS IS AN ABSOLUTE MUST HAVE CRITICAL ITEM.

B.      Playmats & Gyms (there is a difference).
This is another item you will want when you come home because of a little thing called tummy time, which I’ll go over with you. Babies start tummy time usually around 2 weeks after bring born (cord and circumcision have to heal) You only need 1 gym and a playmat if there is not you like for variety.
1.    Skip Hop - We have this one and I like it because it doesn’t have a lot of flashing lights. Lights aren’t bad but some babies can get overstimulated.
2.    Baby Einstein - This is another great mat. It has lights but not too many and has nice bright colors.
*The two above are gyms.
3.    Fisher-Price kick and play piano - It’s really cute and babies love trying to reach for the toys above and kicking the piano, plus it grows with them. *This is an example of a play mat
4.    Foam mat - If you have wood floors without an area rug, you will want a foam mat. They come in all different styles. We got a small one that I think is 12 or 16 pieces. You don’t need the 36 piece ones unless you want it to take up the entire floor.

C.      Rockers
Rockers are slightly different than swings. They are usually more compact and some of them have to be moved manually rather than by the machine. In the beginning a lot of parents have their babies nap in these or sleep in them over night. Some say it’s not really safe for them to sleep in them overnight because babies should lay flat on back when sleeping else can have risk of SIDS). But... our Maya slept in hers probably 90% of the time overnight until 5 months and our Dr said that was perfectly fine, whatever works! They are light and easy to move around, which is great if like you need to bring them into the bathroom to shower or go into another room.
1.    Fisher-Price new born rock’ n play - Fold in 2 seconds and is light. There are like 15 different designs. We had the snugapuppy one. It comes with a soft insert that was snuggly. Make sure to invest in the one that can vibrate on it's own and rock on it's own!!!

D.      Seats
You won’t really need these until the baby has some head control, but I would def. put them on the registry. It’s great when they can finally go in these and you can have your hands free! I’m going to tell you about bouncy seats & stationary seats.
1.    Bouncers - These things range in price. The most expensive one and most popular is the Baby Bjorn bouncer. We don’t have it but the reason I like it (most of my friends have it) is that it’s the one that stays upright the most which is nice for after the baby eats. We have a fisher price bouncer; The Luminosity and Rain Forest ones are good.

2.    Stationary Seats - These are basically seats the baby can use to help them sit up when they’re ready. We have and love the Fisher-Price sit me-up floor seat. Bumbo seats are popular but babies don’t really like these until they can sit up on their own. because there isn’t much support.
E.       Jumpers
There is nothing cuter than a baby is a jumper!!! You shouldn't use it until the baby is at least 6 months / can sit up on their own, but put one on the registry. There is a difference between jumpers and excersaucers. You don’t really need an excersaucer, a jumper is fine.

XIII.            STROLLER

This like many things is completely based on personal preference and what is important for you. I believe there are two types of strollers, those that are made for city living versus those that are made for suburb living. Why you might ask? If you live in the suburbs you will be in and out of a car constantly so you want a stroller that will accommodate your car seat well and is light enough for you to take in and out of a car. If you're living in a city environment where you will be walking everywhere, weight and having the car seat installed won't be as big of an issue. Plus all strollers have adapters for the car seats.
1.    Uppa Baby (Vista or Cruz): This is our stroller. The price tag is high BUT if you're planning on having more kids in the future, look at this as an investment because this stroller can convert and hold 2-3 kids. We have the Vista, which is the bigger model. It comes with a bassinet (no matter what, get a stroller that has a bassinet, because even though you can use the car seat you will be buying, it is better for their necks/backs to use a bassinet when possible), which the baby can safely sleep in (you can get the stand that comes with it and actually use it in your house) and it attaches to the stroller keeping newborns nice and covered and flat on their backs. Super easy in terms of folding and putting the different seats on. Plus it has a huge storage bin which is important when looking for a stroller.
2.    Bugaboo - The only reason I’m putting this insanely $$$ on here is because it’s great quality. I “test drove” it and it’s super light and just all around awesome but not worth the price tag. If you decide to have a second kid, it will not help you out and convert to hold two (like the Uppa Baby does) so you’ll have to get a new stroller.
3.    Stokke - Also a super nice and $$$ brand. Great quality and the company is great. Take a look if price doesn’t matter.
4.    Baby Jogger (City Mini) - This is a very popular stroller and is priced better than the others. You won’t be able to have it convert to seat two kiddos if and when the time comes, but it’s less expensive. You can also use it as a jogging stroller which is great. Basically, the baby will be in his or her car seat which you then hook into the larger stroller.
5.    Peg Perego - This brand has been around forever and has always been known to have good quality. It is less expensive than the other high priced ones listed above.
6.    Doona - Compared to the other strollers, this one is relatively new. What makes it stand out is that it's both in one a car seat and a stroller! It is nice and compact and basically you don’t even have to transport the baby.
*You don’t need an umbrella stroller until the baby is a toddler, but if you want to put one on the registry Maclaren is a great brand.
*There are a million accessories you can get for your stroller! Here are some popular ones: sunshade, cup holder, parent organizer, car seat adapter, infant insert, and rain shield (each stroller brand makes their own and there are universal ones out there as well).

XIV.              CAR SEAT
All car seats have to abide by the same safety regulations so there really isn’t a single car seat that is safer than another. It’s all about properly installing the seat and convenience. There are two car seats,: infant & convertible. A newborn can go into a convertible car seat and stay in it forever, but the downside of these seats is they aren’t portable so if the baby falls asleep you can’t easily transport them... and nobody wants to wake a sleeping baby!
That’s why infant car seats are worth the purchase. If the baby falls asleep in the car seat, you can just pick up the seat and can go - anywhere. Babies do not need to be in a convertible seat until they grow out of the infant seat. Max is 5 months old and is nowhere near growing out of it (I think ha).
A.   Infant Seats
You'll start off using the infant car seat, which is only rear-facing and provides awesome support for the snugly baby. It is good up until 1 year old.

1.     KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seat - Pam has this one, and it is a well known brand with a great reputation. Super easy to install and take in and out of the car.
2.       Britax BSafe - This is a wonderful brand and I know so many people that have this seat. The only reason we didn’t get it was because it wasn’t compatible with our stroller system. *Go down to section XV stroller below for an explanation on that comment.
3.       Graco Snug Ride - Popular brand and perfectly fine car seat.

4.    MESA – Great because it works with the Uppababy Vista stroller system.
*Also, you want ones that have bases with them. This makes taking the car seat in and out soooo much easier! Get an extra base for the to be grandma and grandpa car.
B.   Convertible Car Seats:
The thing with these seats is that you want one that will last. Kids by law need to be in some kind of seat basically until they’re like 10 or grow out of it. You don’t need it yet, but this is another big ticket item that is good to add to the registry anyway!

This car seat is rear-facing for about the first two years. Then you can rotate the seat to be front facing.

1.       Britax Marathon - lasts the longest and is a great brand.
2.       Chicco Next Fit - great brand and lasts long.
* Also use the Car Seat Lady facebook page or Car Seats for the Little Page, great info!
* Have someone check that the seat is properly installed!!! Many fire houses will.


Babies need all kinds of extra items from butt creams to medicine to shampoo. These are things you will want to keep in your house for everyday use or in case you may need it

1.    Diaper Genie: Dekor brand or Ubbi (but not as good of ratings). If go with Dekor brand, get regular refill bags and not the environmentally friendly green ones, because they let smell escape. Get miniature arm & hammer discs for it.
2.    Infant Tylenol-for fevers or pain. Some babies after they get vaccines can develop fevers and this is great to keep in the house. Babies can’t take motrin till they are 6 months old.
3.    Vaseline- This will be used for dry skin or o lubricate a thermometer
4.    Safety 1st Health care kit- this has everything in it from brush, nail clipper, thermometer, nose sucker, etc. Def. register for this!!
5.    Vitamin D drops- babies that are breastfed but take these. You can get them in CVS or diapers.com
6.    Baby Shampoo & Body Wash- we use the Johnson and Johnson naturals one (green bottle) and we’ve used the California baby brand. I’m going to start the Honest Company one soon. Great for bath time :)
7.    Baby oil- I would use the honest company one or johnson and johnson. This can be used for if a baby has cradle cap.
8.    Honest Company organic healing balm- this is for scrapes, irritated skin, etc.
9.    Aquaphor- great for dry skin especially for a winter baby!
10.   A&D- this can be used for everything from diaper rash to if you have a boy keeping the penis clean after a circumcision
11.   Triple Paste - Best. Diaper. Rash. Cream. Ever.
12.   Honest diaper rash cream-we also use this one
13.   Nose Frida Snot Sucker
14.   Humidifier- especially for a winter baby!!!
15.   Saline Spray-Def. have this in the house-you’ll need it to loosen the boogies. All newborns have stuffy noses
16.   Baby Detergent- We used Ecos Baby Brand or you can just use Dreft
17.   Bottle Soap Cleaner-We use the Dapple Brand
18.   Honest Company Stain Remover-only thing that works
19.   Honest Company Soothing Bottom Wash-when wipes won’t cut it and you need to stick the baby under the sink
20.   Grandma El’s Butt Goop is the best for everyday use on the butt
21.   Gro-Egg room thermometer -tells you the temp in the baby’s room
22.   Some good books are: Eat, Sleep, Poop, The Happiest Baby on the Block, The Womanly Art of Breast Feeding
23.   White Noise Machine-just get one haha
24.   night light
25.   Tiny Love Travel Mobile-attaches to anything!
26.   BABY MONITOR! We have the Levana and like it!
27.   *Travel bottle rack
28.   Baby headphones to cancel out noise

29.   Sterilized gauze pads - Great for cleaning the baby’s eyes, and also for wiping them if they get bad diaper rash.

30.  “Little Remedies” brand gas drops and “little remedies” gripe water. This helps w/gas and can be used right away.

28.   Baby headphones to cancel out noise


**Any lotions you decide to use should be unscented for the first few months and your doctor will tell you this as well. Any of the Johnson and Johnson stuff should be okay-just ask the ped.
*You will have a diaper caddy for the changing table (or top of the dresser) that can hold all of this haha!


We spend lots of time and over nights at the grandparents’ homes and these are some things that would make visits more comfortable for all if baby will be spending lots of time there. You can add these to the registry as well or use amazon and diapers.com to find good deals.
1.    Sleeping - If the baby is going to be spending a lot of time at your house and the grandparents are up for it; invest in a crib for their house! Babies R US has inexpensive cribs and mattresses and if you sign up for their card you can get a set for around $300, which is a good deal. If you don’t want to spend that much, I’d go with a Pack N’ Play that had a napper and changer.
2.    Diapers - Definitely keep diapers and wipes at the grandparents house and any ointments or creams that you use on baby a daily basis.
3.    Keep a bath tub at the grandparents house along with a shampoo/body wash. Diapers.com has everything and delivery is free if the cost is over $50. They tend to have cheaper versions of things that are great for grandparents house.
4.    Baby Monitor - I either went on amazon or diapers.com and got the least expensive monitor I could find. I think it was under $30. No video, but you don’t need anything fancy just something to hear the baby with.
5.    Baby Gym & Bouncy Seat - Look on amazon or diapers.com and get any basic one you can find. These are great because if the grandparents are going to be watching the baby, they’ll need stuff to play with the baby or a place you can put baby down.
6.    Pacifiers/Bottles - Keep some extra pacifiers and a set of bottles at the grandparents house.
7.    Extra Clothes - 2 extra outfits and 2 undershirts at the house along with some baby detergent.
8.    Swaddles - I would keep 1 or 2 swaddle blankets at the grandparents house and 1 swaddle wrap for the baby to sleep in.
9.    Medicine - I would keep infant Tylenol in the house just in case. Babies can’t have Motrin until they’re 6 months old.
*I would get a Safety First kit as well; it has all the basic needs in it such as a thermometer, nose sucker, nail clipper, hair brush, etc.
*You won’t need one right away but a high chair is also good to have once they start sitting up. More on that in the section below.

XVII.              PACK N’ PLAY

I can't stress enough how underrated these are. They are GREAT for traveling. You want to look for one that is easy to set up and take apart. Also, one that is compact enough to travel with. I recommend getting 1 pack n’ play a pack of sheets which fits the pack n’ play (normally they come 2 in a pack and that’s all you need, plus aden and anais swaddles can be used for sheets-that will be covered in the sleeping/swaddle section).
1.    Graco on the Go Travel - we have this one and it’s the most basic of all pack n’ plays. It’s also the least expensive at around $60. The reason we went for this one is because we weren’t using it on a daily basis and all of the grandparents have one in their own house or will be getting a crib so we didn’t need to bring it there. It’s easy to set up and fold up.
2.    4moms Breeze - This is the most expensive one running up to $300. I would only advise getting this one if you’re going to constantly be traveling or if you think you’re going to use the pack n play a lot. It’s the easiest to put together and put away and the quality is better than other brands.
3.    Chicco - This is another popular brand. It’s perfectly fine in terms of quality but from what I heard, it’s not the easiest to one to put together and take apart.   

*A few extra words about the pack n’ plays: If you look into the Graco models there are a bunch of them. Why are there so many models? Well, some of them come with “nappers” and changing stations. What that means is, on the top part of ours, the basic one, there is just a mat for the baby to sleep on. On the other ones, there are seats and carved out areas where the baby can nap and you can change their diaper. Why would we need this? Some people who have houses like to keep one on the main level so they don’t have to keep going up and down to the baby’s room to change them or to put them down for a nap. If you want these items it’s perfectly fine and makes sense. It’s only annoying when you have to take the pack n play with you anywhere because it means there are more pieces to deal with. Storage may also be important for you so I would also look and see which ones have larger pockets on the side if this matters to you.


Pack your hospital bag ahead of time so that you don't forget a thing and can maximize comfort while you're there.

1.    Socks - fuzzy and warm ones you can walk around in. TJ Max always has these for cheap.
2.    Slippers - I got <$10 ones that I wore all over the hospital and threw out once I was discharged.
3.    Robe - Pam suggested going to Target and getting a cheap one and she said it will get gross and you will wear it basically the entire time in the hospital. The truth is, 2 years later I still really like my robe!
4.    Hair Ties - you'll quickly learn you can’t have a baby without these haha.
5.    Toiletries - such as shampoo and body wash. The hospital doesn’t really give you anything.
6.    Towels from home - yours might be nicer than the ones in the hospital.
7.    Bring your own pillow and buy a cheap pillow case you can throw out afterwards or bring your body pillow.
8.    Snacks!
9.    Music (Make a playlist)
10.   If you’re doing a natural birth, you will want to bring an exercise ball
11.   Nursing Tank Tops - I can't stress enough how important these were for me. I opt for the tight ones. Bring at least 2 or 3.
12.   Sweat pants or pajama pants
13.   You actually don’t need to bring underwear because the hospital will you give you a special kind which is awesome (ask the nurse for more everyday and hoard them)
14.   Going home outfit for the baby and onesies if you don’t want them wearing what the hospital gives them.
15.   Bring your own swaddle blankets for the baby (1 or 2)


You’ve just arrived home from the hospital yay!! There are a few things you’re going to want to have in the house so that your hubby isn’t running out at 3 am. A huge recommendation that I have is to HOARD from the hospital! Whenever the nurses give you anything from underwear to pads to anything always hide it and ask for more :) Some of things that you can get from the hospital are:

1.    Maxi Pads - hospital gives you these huge ones which you should only need for a few days. After that, heavy flow regular pads will work for a while and the flow will continue to get lighter and lighter.
2.    Witch Hazel Pads - these are the best things everrrrrr. Try to get as many of these as possible and make sure you buy some ahead of time to have at home. They are a major comfort while you are recovering.
3.    Lidocaine Spray - you can ask for this in the hospital. It’s the same idea as the witch hazel pads just as a spray. You can also buy this at any drug store.
4.    Squirt Bottles - Yes, you read this right. In the hospital like right when you do your first pee pee the nurse will give you a clear plastic squirt bottle. Basically you’re not going to use toilet paper down there, ouch! You squirt yourself with water and lightly pat the area dry. These also come in handy for giving the baby sponge baths, which you’re going to do until the umbilical cord/and or circumcision heals. Try to get a few of these.
5.    Hospital Underwear - Why can’t I wear my own comfy granny panties? Because these things are better!

6.    Heating Pad - This you can’t get from the hospital but make sure you have one at home if you think you’ll be breast feeding. You’ll need it for when your milk comes in and it helps your boobs a lot for general discomfort. I got one when I was pregnant for my back pain and still use it today for occasional aches.
7.    Colase - This is a stool softener and yes you will be taking this for obvious reasons. See if you can get some from the nurses, but if not any drug store has it.
8.    Hemorrhoid Cream - Ah yes the unpleasant side of all of this. They will probably give you a prescription strength version of this in the hospital, but you can always keep some in the house in case.
9.    Waterproof disposable pads - You can ask for these but hospitals don’t usually give them to patients. You also won’t really need it unless you have excessive bleeding for some reason after the birth. It keeps your sheets clean in case the pads gets moved around or you just leak for some reason.

10. My favorite item: a belly wrap - let me explains. After having Maya my belly felt empty and I wasn't used to it in any position, whether standing, sitting, laying down. Turns out you can ask the Dr. for a belly wrap and they will give you an inexpensive one. This was such a comfort to me. Then, a week or two after having Maya, I switched to an expensive wrap, by a brand called Belly Bandit. I didn't fit into my Belly Bandit at first, but it was so nice every few days feeling it fit better, and ultimately be too big on me!
*For all of this check with the nurse in the hospital and ask if it’s okay for you to use all of these items. There shouldn’t be any issues, but every birth is different and so is the aftermath. I was very lucky and had 2 internal stitches and that’s it, with no complications so I could take most medications and apply most creams and other things. You always want to check with a medical professional first.

**Note on affiliate links: Many of the items listed here contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links or purchase from the links, I might receive commission.


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